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Ready to get started?

Wherever you're at - your vision, dreams, and fears are all welcome. 

Thank you for trusting me with your time and energy. In exchange, I will help you and your business grow in a way that's aligned with your vision and values. 

Why work together? 

I'm an experienced professional that brings a positive, collaborative, and values-based approach. 

In working with me, you'll benefit from my years of experience consulting for Fortune 100 companies, advising startups, and coaching highly ambitious and creative people. 


I bring a mindful approach to consulting, and prioritize authenticity along the journey to achievement. I want to ensure both your and my journey is rooted in our personal values and priorities. 

What are my credentials? 

  • Managed and executed 20+ strategic projects for Fortune 100 companies and leading social enterprises as a management consultant for a leading global firm.

  • Led business strategy and development at a rapidly growing Financial Tech company. 

  • Strategic advisor to 10+ entrepreneurs building small to medium-sized businesses. 

  • Mentor and coach to many highly ambitious and creative people

  • Founder of a social enterprise, The Active Citizen, which connects young professionals through a shared passion for social impact. 

  • Co-founder and resident yoga teacher of a health and wellness program, Healthy Women's Project.

  • Co-founder of a philosophy salon, aimed at connecting a diverse group of people to reflect on our purpose and impact. 

I am also a certified yoga teacher, aspiring surfer, marching band enthusiast, and passionate traveler. 

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